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Need someone to finish car model?

  • If anyone is interested I have started to convert an FH3 model and got a good amount of work done to it... I just dont have time to work on it anymore, as I have many other real money making projects going one. Ill make a list of what needs to be done and add some photos asap.

    1 - Needs to finish attaching and naming some parts
    2 - Needs dummies and hierarchy setup for everything
    3 - Needs LOD's unless editing LOD distance via vehicles.meta
    4 - Needs textures and materials, will provide as many HQ dds files if anyone is interested,
    5 - I only need partial credits for ripping and providing the model from FH3 and sorting thru hours of part attaching...
    6 - Model has no engine and terrible underbody but I have new ones to add if someone has the skills to attach and fill polys
    7 - I want the finished unlocked model working in game, and the z3d file for Zmodeler so I can possibly make it a police car with proper credits to the one that takes on this project of course!
    8 - Needs rims and tires
    9 - Dash needs resized, and fitted and steering wheel needs rotated and fitted. I already fit the doors best I could...

    I believe I have most of the actual hard work completed and shouldnt take many hours to finish, and if someone can even set up the car to work in game with out textures I can do all textures myself (except tires lol) It also has multiple mods such as bumper and a couple wings.!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Bump, I will send all the files needed today so at least someone can look at it to see if its worth it...

  • So no one can take this on for some good donations?

  • @masterschwag I would ask @lazlow555 to help you finish it. He does charge but seeing how much work you put in the model it should be minimal.

  • How about if I send my files to someone and they just finish it and take all credits theselves?

  • @masterschwag You could or hold it off until you have time available.

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