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what do you guys do while your modding?

  • whether your making mods or just installing them it can be a repetitive and occasionally tedious task. So i am curious what you guys do while your modding? I usually listen to music or watch a show on Netflix.

  • I usually listen to music while modding the game, usually an hour or so long music mashup on YouTube :p

  • @maybach123 @Carrythxd @TobsiCred i come here check the forums out, while always listening to pop/country Music. English/local whatever lightens up the Mood.keep making the mod, taking a break for coffee, Chatting with friends. and checking out new mods on www.gta-5mods.com

    My Most favorite Music/Audio/Song/lyrics/poetry what ever! Best one. keeps me in Modding Mood "i love her Voice"!. (Pakistani Song this one) if Voices could be Married to. i would Marry Her voice!

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