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  • Hello everyone!
    I'm working on a mod that gives you the ability to surrender to police!
    I'm going to release a video soon! If you have some idea to improve this tell me now, I'll try to implement the features you want! ;)

  • So.. Idea:
    Make it like in Watch dogs
    So you press the button , police goes near you , they want to arrest you
    But you can Press "F" To quickly Punch the Cop and escape

  • So guys, I have find out that Better Chases + Arrest Warrant mod already has this feature. What do you think I should do? Should I release this as well? :confused:


    Sure you can as its leaner than Eddlm's?

    I just won't use it as Eddlm's is very well done and had enriched my game. Especially combined with RDE.

  • @Cloud_Power Just wanted to call your attention to Better Chases + Arrest Warrant :P
    Create your script anyway - Just make sure it's compatible with Eddlm's mod.
    Also, as soon as the police forces are authorized to use Deadly Force, looks like it's impossible to surrender on foot. Maybe you can make that possible as well?
    Apart from that, @HeySlickThatsMe's idea suggestion sounds like a really cool idea.

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