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Doomguy 2016

  • Id really love to see the Doom Slayer from DOOM2016 in Gtav as an add-on ped.

  • @Weirdoutworld If you found the model, I make the convertion to GTA V

  • @ReNNie @Weirdoutworld I'm Facepunch member but I not have the game to do the rip operation. Who can do it?

  • @ReNNie @Weirdoutworld @Rarefacer Good notices, the model is here and the bad notice is: Now we know why almost nobody has the model complete
    DoomGuy 2016 Texture sheet

    The textures are included in one huge 16384x8192 pixels and splitted like a sheet. Is necessary rebuild each one piece by piece.

    The convertion is in ToDo list. @Rarefacer the rip process worked and the issue with the textures tesselation overdroped was fixed with your CGI algorythm, thanks!

  • If you guys can help searching the textures for the model (in good resolution like 2k) can be very useful for a fast convertion of the mod.
    I just founded some textures related to metallic and normals:

  • @ReNNie @MetaGTA @Rarefacer NICE! Lets make it happen!

  • We already have doom2 characters & E1M1 as a map now on this site... :(

    making me want this to happen even more...

    DOOM2016 CHARACTERS! as add-on peds

  • @Weirdoutworld The Doom 2016 textures are a nightmare, are like a big ~8.400 pieces puzzle to be assembled . The hell continues... but nobody give up.

  • @Rarefacer OH! ok. Now I understand. Gods speed guys...

  • Good notices, was a hard work but finally the Doom guy textures rebuild is done. Next step, the convertion to GTA V (I feel like doing a Doom 4 mod with monsters and weapons)

    Doom Guy 2016 textures 4k finished

    Is sure, in GTA V will looks really nice.

  • @Rarefacer You're for sure gifted!

    Wish I could port peds to to V.
    I'd love to learn this proces and port RE6: Ada Wong into V.
    I'll look into 3dsMax and GIMS this spring/summer. Any help on a 'how-to' is appreciated!

  • @ReNNie @Rarefacer If I'm correct, Rarefacer is 3doomer, right? You created GIMS!

  • @AHK1221

    No, he's not.

  • @ReNNie The peds convertion steps generally are not complicated like the vehicles, is just the rigging the main thing to learn and practice for good results. I'll do some videotutorials in April and ped convertion is one of them. Let's to see if is helpfull.

    @AHK1221 @cyberzone2 Of course I'm not him, he's a legend and expert modding tools developer with years and years in the community

  • @Rarefacer Can you give some very basic starts for the rigging process? I just need a start, please.

  • @AHK1221 With Zmodeler 3 or GIMS V?

  • @Rarefacer GIMS V please.

  • @AHK1221 You can see any GTA IV ped/player rigging tutorial, is the same process for GTA V. GIMS Evo do for us all the bones IDs, hierarchy and root bone selection, so the rigging process not changes for GTA V and has been is simplyfied. The only diferences are the bone names and IDs (but we not need touch them), the vertex colors in the mesh and GTA V materials.

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