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[MISC] [REL] Police Force

  • Police Force is my personal edit of the dispatch.meta file,
    responsible for controlling which and how many police units are spawned during each wanted level.

    I tried to create a police response being as accurate & authentic as possible,
    so don't expect to be hunted down by tanks or assault choppers!


    From wanted level one to three the LSPD mainly dispatches their Police Cruisers, being assisted by Police Buffalos. The LSSD will use the Sheriff Cruiser as their primary squad car all across Los Santos County and Blaine County, being backed up by Sheriff Grangers.

    At wanted level four and five, the LSPD primary dispatchs Police Interceptors, being backed up by Police Cruisers and Buffalos. The LSSD will start to use Sheriff Grangers as their main squad car, being assisted by Sheriff Cruisers.

    Also starting at wanted level four, NOOSE agents responding in FIB Grangers will chase you down similar to the vanilla dispatch if you want to. Optionally available since the latest update.

    At wanted level three and four, unmarked Cruisers will be backing up the LSPD units, while the Sheriff units will receive support by various San Andreas Park Ranger units responding in Park Grangers.

    Also, Police Force features optional support for Olanov's Added Detectives. Instead of normal LSPD officers Olanov's Detectives will respond in unmarked Cruisers.

    Starting at two stars, both police departments will start to deploy roadblocks, using Police Cruisers and Police Buffalos in Los Santos and Sheriff Cruisers alongside Grangers in the countryside. At wanted level four and five, the LSPD will also deploy Police Transporters and Police Interceptors, while the LSSD rarely starts to deploy Park Grangers alongside Sheriff Cruisers and Grangers.

    Starting at wanted level three, the ground units will be backed up by air support units.
    At three stars, one Police Maverick with one NOOSE agent on each side will spawn.
    At four stars, two Police Mavericks will be dispatched. The crew of one of them has the ability to rappel down.
    At five stars, one Police Maverick and one Annihilator will be dispatched, both of them will drop four NOOSE agents.

    Starting at wanted level four, NOOSE units will start to set up roadblocks using Riot Vans, FIB Grangers, FIB Buffalos and Unmarked Cruisers. Some of them will feature spike strips.

    Police Predators respond at three stars or higher.

    During all wanted levels: LSPD Officers - 75% Male, 25% Female /
    LSSD Deputies - 80% Male, 20% Female

    Planned or Upcoming Features:

    **under construction**

  • I really like it! More police less SWAT/FIB! I think it's more realistic! I'll be the first one to download that! Just a curiosity : is dispatch.meta the file that also change the behavior of dispatched cops according to wanted level?

  • @Cloud_Power The first one? Hah. I doubt that :P Take a look at the release date.
    And nope, with the dispatch.meta you can only set up the peds and vehicles responding at each wanted level and some minor things like the spawning distance. You can't change the way the roadblocks are set up or the amount of wanted levels in total for instance. Also, you can't change the AI accuracy or the tactics of the cops through dispatch.meta.

  • @prince_linus Understood. BTW just rated and downloaded it! Awesome man! :D

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