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Is there a way to load up with more than one 'saved vehicle' with Simple Trainer?

  • I'm trying to save about a dozen addons at a mansion and I don't want to keep opening the trainer every time and using vehicle options/save menu. I've tried spawning and adding vehicle blips, saving vehicle, and then saving trainer.ini settings, but when I reload only the last car spawned is recovered.

  • @poisonwind34 Search for "persistance" (without the quotes) on the main site.

    You can't do it through the trainer but there are mods that do it.

  • So this works when you reload the game? Because If you enable Add Vehicle Blips in Simple Trainer that will keep them from disappearing in-game.

  • @poisonwind34 I haven't used either of them but from what I understand, they create a data file that the mod reads in when you next load the game and anything in that data file is recreated. So if you turn the game off, any cars you have saved should come back straight away.

  • I will try that thanks!


    @poisonwind34 There used to be a Persistence Mod on this site (persistently spelled 'Persistance'), which will save all your cars where you left them... persistently: aka, they'll survive a restart of the game. It's not compatible with SPA (or SPG, for that matter, as these mods also store cars, but then inside garages). Might be what you're looking for instead.

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