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Could someone be so kind as to assist me in installing VisualV & Natural Vision 2.2?

  • I am finding this an exercise in frustration. I have scripthook installed, its working, I have OpenIV installed. I am using "Modded GTA5 Launcher."
    I have yet to get to Natural Vision because I am... deeply disliking these install directions for Visual V

    I think the base Visual V oiv installed okay. It tells me to install to my mods folder though, I dunno if I should do that since I am using 2 totally different GTA folders due to launching though Modded GTA5 launcher (one stock one modded) But visual V says to install to the mods folder, so I dunno if I should disregard that. On top of that I'm told to use the "original distant corona lights" which are in "original corona lights\visualsettings.dat" as far as I can tell this does not exist, I only found "original_corona.oiv" I ASSUME I install this via openIv but again.. that's simply an assumption and I dunno if again I install in the games folder or mods folder

    Where things are REALLY falling apart for me though is the whole ENB installation directions its doing my head in. From what I have gathered I need to install ENB get the REshade preset running if I wanna get the most out of Natural Vision

    So there are my issues Install VisualV to mods folder?
    What the hell do I do about "Original corona lights?"
    How do I get ENB properly installed and how do I run it alongside ReShade?

  • @Nexxus said in Could someone be so kind as to assist me in installing VisualV & Natural Vision 2.2?:

    Modded GTA5 Launcher

    I have no idea what that means... what is a modded GTAV launcher?

  • @Nexxus Thanks... I don't tend to look at those on the main site, so wasn't sure which kind of modded launcher we were talking about.

    If you are using the two folder system, make sure the one you are modding is named correctly as OpenIV will only use a correctly named game folder.

    Make sure you have set up a mods folder correctly in that version to begin with, or OpenIV won't give you the option to install there.

    If you haven't set up a mods folder, then that's the first thing you must do.

  • @LeeC2202 said in Could someone be so kind as to assist me in installing VisualV & Natural Vision 2.2?:
    That should be all fine, my issue is the awful VisualV readme. Everything involving Corona lights and the ENB/ReShade make no sense to me.

  • @Nexxus If you have the mods folder setup, when you double-click the VisualV OIV, it should give you the option to install to the mods folder.

    When it has done that, do the same with the original corona OIV to the same location.

    As long as the mods folder is there and is setup correctly, OpenIV will recognise that. And if something looks wrong, click cancel and resolve the problem.

    The simple rule is, always install to the mods folder.

  • @LeeC2202 So I got visualv installed... went to install enb & itsn just crashing when trying to load now, black screen for a few seconds then it crashes without showing anything...

  • @Nexxus I'm not really an expert on VisualV or ENB to be honest.

    One thing I do know though, is if you haven't installed Reshade, change the top of the enblocal.ini to match this:


    I can't remember what the default VisualV settings are for that, so it's worth checking.

  • @LeeC2202 yeah already says that...this is so damn frustrating

  • @Nexxus Did it run without ENB installed?

  • @LeeC2202 wish jjust visualV installed it ran...i didnt notice any kind of change in the gfx but im at the very beginning of the game with franklin.

    As soon as I dragged the enb files to the root folder and tried ti launch its crashing immediately

  • @Nexxus Which version of VisualV did you install? And did you install the actual ENB files (enbseries_gta5_v0275) and not just the preset files that come with VisualV?

    The VisualV ENB files are presets that still require the ENB files to be installed separately, did you do that?

  • @LeeC2202 VisualV 1.0.300 and yes im using "enbseries_GTA5_v0275"

  • @Nexxus I'm really not sure what else to suggest. As I say, I don't run VisualV, so I'm trying to remember things from several months ago when I ran it once.

    What concerns me is that you say you saw no visual change in the graphics. VisualV is quite a drastic change in the graphics, even without ENB, so that makes me wonder if VisualV is installed correctly.

    I think for now, you're going to have to remove ENB until someone with more knowledge than I have on VisualV offers some help. When I ran it, it was pretty straightforward and the change was clear right from the start.

    Sorry I can't offer much more help... if something else does come to mind, I will post it in here.

  • @LeeC2202 You mentioned that OpenIV needed "correctly named game folder"

    What would that be? cause the way the modded game launcher works is I have 3 folders.

    One is "Grand Theft Auto 5 (original)" on C drive, the other is "Grand Theft Auto 5 (modded)" on D drive and the last one is just "Grand Theft Auto 5" this one is again on C drive but its a shortcut that... as far as I can tell is directing to the modded version of the game..unless Modded game launcher changes the shortcut path...

  • @Nexxus For OpenIV to work, the modded game folder must be called Grand Theft Auto V, which is the default name for the properly installed version. If it is called something different to that, it might not have worked properly.

    Edit: Or at the very least, it must be the same name as the directory you first pointed it to, to find the GTA5.exe file.

    It also has to be on the same drive as your unmodded version... they can't be on different drives. The registry can only point to one location, so what you are doing, is changing which version of the game is at that correct location.

    So unless the modded launcher is modifying registry keys, I don't see how it can work on different drives. But again, I have never used a modded launcher, so I honestly don't know. I have helped people set up two folders before, but not with one of those launchers.

  • If you notice on that modded launcher mod page, the first screenshot shows both folders on the E: drive.

  • @LeeC2202 It is definitely doing something that takes a while. Again the directions to it are poor as far as I can tell, but Depending on the version you wanna use you select the online mode one or the solo mode one then you tell it that its the steam version and hit an apply button and it takes...a while 30-seconds to a minute (on an overclock 4770k) before you are able to run. So there is clearly some kinda work going behind the scene.

    And I was trying to avoid keeping them on the same drive so steam can't mix up which version is which so it'll only update the unmodded one, thus why I was trying to keep them on split drives.

  • @LeeC2202 I might just forget the dual folder thing for now... eliminate that variable since I don't really care about online its more for if a friend wants to play ...would just be nice to have easy access to both.

  • @Nexxus If they are on separate drives, that is probably where the problem lies. As the description says on that mod, it lets you use 2 directories, not 2 drives.

    What I suspect that launcher is doing, is renaming one of the folders to the correct name, then telling Steam to run that version of the game.

    I have two shortcuts and batch files that does the same thing.

  • @LeeC2202 I will give it a look if I can even get this performing how I want, thank you for trying to help. I'm no amateur to modding but GTA4/5 are the most mod unfriendly things I have seen, and between the constant crashes (even when stock) the massive amount of time it takes to restore the stock game and the poorly written directions in so many mods I have come across its... infuriating.

  • @Nexxus Don't worry, I fully understand... I spend up to 12 hours a day on here trying to help people who struggle with the exact same things. A lot of modders seem capable of creating good mods, but are terrible at giving correct instructions.

    Stick with it though and you'll get there. There are plenty of people on the site that will be able to help you... so ask away.

  • @LeeC2202 Dont wanna keep bugging you but last question, do you NEED to launch the game though OpenIV for mods installed through it to work? I still cannot notice any difference even though I'm only running the one folder now.

    My trainer works. Anything outside of that though is no dice it would seem

  • @Nexxus No, you launch the game as normal but if OpenIV didn't install VisualV into the right folder, you won't see any difference.

    Have you gone back to a single folder? If so, run OpenIV and go to Tools > Options > Game and make sure that the GTAV DIrectory is correct. If not, click on the Change Directory option and set it to the correct folder.

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