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Complete Wolverine Mod/Script

  • Since the movie is out and doing some big numbers, is X-Men fans would love to play as Wolverine.

    Idea features:
    *Claws come out whenever you choose

    • An anger meter so if you're fighting with claws for a certain amount of time, he does his little signature scream/growl.

    I'll edit this if I think of more features.

  • @Zoey JulioNIB has this mod in his ToDo list. Sure he can be motivated if
    enought people request this mod in his Facebook.

  • @Rarefacer word ive seen that. I asked him about it before he was done with the super-man mod. All I get is "we'll see". Dude is complicated sometimes lol.

  • @Zoey That's true, but is a busy man and his answers always are short, even in chat when we work in any mod. I have ideas for the wolverine mod, like the claws turn red glowing when are used constantly against vehicles. Long jumps to attack the objective like in the movies and can be cool if the player could grip from any object/wall with the claws.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dawg if you can get this done, I'd support your work to the fullest. I'm trying to learn how to mod myself actually. All I need is someone to show me and get me started and I have all the time in the world right now to dedicate myself to this shit here. @Rarefacer

  • @Zoey Some people are working in a Wolverine mod as this post https://www.patreon.com/posts/wolverine-script-8347593

    I'm creating my scripts but I feel still noob in scripting and for now, I'm creating a mod based in the movie "Edge of tomorrow", you know, aliens, exosuits and those things.

    Wich mods do you want learn to create? Skins, vehicles, maps, sound/music mods or scripts?

  • @Rarefacer definitely scripts. Like if I was o start, it would be on the wolverine one. Hell, if you could, you can throw me a few pointers lol make me your rookie protege ha. Teach me what you know.

  • @Zoey I learned the C# programming language with tutorials, but my english is very bad listening, so has been very complicated for me. This can be usefull for you to start and go step by step:

  • About to fuck with this now. Downloaded everything I needed. On the script portion

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