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GTA V Not lunching full screen

  • I have a problem with GTA V for some reason when I go into full Screen it will hiccup for a while and revert back to Windows Mode I am not sure why I do not have TeamViewer on my computer I am running Windows 10 and the GTA Copy is the GTA V Factory from Rockstar Games can someone help me thanks

  • @G1Convoy Try Alt + Enter.

  • dude that went out saying thats the first thing I tried

  • @G1Convoy Perhaps if you told us what you had tried, it might help avoid people suggesting it... all you have said is you don't have TeamViewer, so it would be logical that people would suggest the things you haven't told us about.


    @G1Convoy You know there's no such thing as a free lunch, right!? :P

    All kidding aside now, actually, I found it's best to run GTA V in 'Borderless Window' mode. Looks the same as Full Screen, but much easier on your system when it comes to alt-tabbing between applications! (As the game won't frantically try and minimize each time).


    @G1Convoy have had similar problems where the game would start windowed although I had set it to full-screen?

    I solved it by renaming the settings.xml to -old and restart the game, set all options to my liking and then made some more edits in settings.xml via Explorer.

    Recently had a strange occurrence where the game would crash when I tried to do a full scan for self radio. That too went away after resetting the settings.xml as described above.

  • That Actually Worked Perfectly Thanks


    @G1Convoy Great. Well, spread the word. It seems the settings.xml sometimes gets glitchy for no particular reason.

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