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Need help re-creating HOLLYWOOD sign.... Please read

  • So I appreciate all the work that goes into the great mods on this site from all the great minds. We all thank you for sharing your work with us to better our gaming experience.

    I am looking for a recreated sign of the HOLLYWOOD or HOLLYWEED sign.......

    I would need either of the following...

    BROOKLYN or NEWYORK or similar. ex. BROOKLYN NY

    Obviously the main issue is the distance issue, this would be worthless if it is not visible from a distance.

    Anyone willing to help? I have no issues donating. Reputable people is a plus.

    Not sure if I can post my email here or possible to message, or post below.


  • Thanks I seen this, just need someone to edited it to what I need... lol this is not something im familiar with doing correctly.

  • @ineedmods1337 Ah, ok... I thought you were looking for just the Hollywood sign, sorry.

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