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Car modding suggestion+help

  • So I downloaded this BMW M3 GTR Mod. And well first thing, it replaces a car called sentinal something. Second, How do I change the top speed and acceleration of the car? Third, I need to remove that car, like disabling it from spawning in traffic, so only I have it.

    My suggestion is: Somebody should create a mod where you can edit the performance for cars, if that's not possible, I don't really know then, leave it. :P but there should be a way to change top speed and acceleration using openiv and stuff. BTW I do not need help installing it, I already can install it myself.

  • @Someguy14201 please leave the link of the car here. so that someone can help you make a DLC out of it. or teach you how to do stuff, you want to do. link is a must. so that people may know, which MOD/Vehicle are you talking about. since there are so many vehicles MODs with same names.

  • Top speed and acceleration can be altered by the handling.meta file. If you don't want to edit it yourself as some of the data can be confusing. you can copy the handling data from another vehicle.
    There are many mods that have aimed to improve the acceleration and top speed of all the vehicles in the game.
    Check out https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-topspeed-mod for better acceleration and top speed or https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vehicle-handling-v for a more realistic driving experience. (includes revised top speed and acceleration)

    Some cars can be installed as an ADD-ON and this will prevent the car from spawning in traffic (unless you alter popgroups) but requires a trainer to spawn it by name.
    I found you an M3 GTR that can be installed as an addon. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m3-e46-gtr-addon
    Make sure you install properly by reading the Readme and if you still dont understand check out this tutorial here

    (This was the first video i found)

    Also make sure you download and install an up-to-date gameconfig.xml file if you plan on installing multiple add-ons

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