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How does the game know where to place things...

  • I want to turn my focus on custom interiors for the High-end apartments for the SPA mod. What I am finding is that props such as area rugs, wall-hangings, plants, etc are stored in one place separate from the individual interiors. How does the game know where specifically it will place each objects? I noticed that there is a file called manifest.ymf at the end of the archive. Could that file be what tells the game were to place stuff? I tried opening it to take a peeksie, but it appears to be locked somehow. I have noticed that other modders have included such a file in their distros, so how are they doing this, if they themselves cannot see what is inside these files? I want to be able to tell the game where to place objects, is this possible?

  • Manifest applies the textures to the models (for example you can choose Door.ydr to use lol.ytd) AFAIK

  • @HeySlickThatsMe But I cannot open these files, how are other's doing this?

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