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problem with open IV

  • I installed gta 5 new and if i want connect open IV with the games folder in the screen only appears 3 items of the installation, the exe files doesent appears so i cant connect open IV with the game


    this isnt the issue.

    former times the connection works .

    but now not all files shown to connect.

  • @opc-power Post a screenshot showing the path you are selecting in OpenIV.

  • @LeeC2202 0_1488761684060_open IV.PNG

    I choose the same folder as I installed the game, but I ever see this empty screen. GTA 5 installer named it "program files" in my folder named german " Programme ". When I visit the folder not open the open IV program, I found the exe file in my path: Dieser PC: c:Programme:RockstarGames:GTA 5 only in open IV they dont appear. ????????? In the past I dont have this trouble

  • @opc-power Are you definitely clicking PC GTAV in OpenIV?

    I had one user with this problem and they were clicking the GTAIV icon by mistake, so OpenIV couldn't find the right GTA5.exe.

    There was also another user that was clicking the XBox 360 icon, so that couldn't find the GTA5.exe either.

  • @LeeC2202 thx a lot, this was the solution, 1000 thanks for helping me. I wish you a nice day.

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