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Problem with AddonProps

  • Hi, i'm trying to insert some custom props models with the AddonProps method. I'm using Zmodeler, exporting in .ydr format, and the props uses external .ytd texture file and the dynamic flag.
    When I spawn the props ingame with Map Editor or Enhanched Native Trainer, they appears, all the textures works, the collision works and also does the dynamic attributes... but after some seconds the game crashes. Someone can help me?

    Another question, how to import textures into .ydr models to avoid using external .ytd file?

  • @danix93 Yeah i encoutered the same trouble with few dynamic object.
    I can't really say what is causing that since i don't know what you setted as property but i guess it come from incorrect or missing value,
    anyway i don't know a lot about that
    But about the texture, go in the texture option with zmodeler, and create a new group that you gonna name same as your object name
    then just add .ydr to the name of the group
    and finaly merge all texture into it

    If you need more help we can chat, i'm not a pro but I can help on few thing, and well, we're only few to do addonprops so we should help each other ;)

    Also, If you wanna help/join us, you're welcome ( we're building a fat addonprops folder in order to make the mapper work easyer ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh Thanks a lot! I'll try to use embedded textures instead of an external .ydr file, maybe this way it will work.

    Right after that I've opened this thread, I have noticed that the game crashes in two different ways: most of the time it happens when the object is freely moved around the "world", and sometimes also when is displayed in the object list in Map Editor (when you press F and appears the list with the preview of the various objects). If I spawn the objects via Enhanched Native Trainer, the game doesn't crashes, but only until the prop is moved for a better positioning. So I was thinking, maybe is a conflict between the Add-on object and the editors, or maybe is related to objects with external texture files. I don't know, because I'm using "Map Builder" mod, that has the same Add-On method, and it works just fine. Hope I'll figure it out!

    Anyway, at this moment I'm working on musical instruments! I'm trying to put in the game some instruments for houses decorations! I will share them with you, if you need them, once they will be completed and without any bug! :blush:

  • @danix93 Yep it's mostly when the dynamic start that it begin to be instable so may that your property or the value that is causing this
    But i dont think it's related to editor, i've 700+ addonprops and almost no crash ( well I've few but they are related to material or incorrect input in def file but not the spawner itself i guess)

  • @Shaezbreizh I have made some tests. First of all, I have exported the objects with embedded textures, then I have changed the flag value from "dynamic" to "static" but nothing has changed. The game still crashes in the same ways. :triumph:

  • @danix93 well as I said you most of the try that i made with dynamic where unsuccesful so I can't help a lot.
    Can send the object by chat i can still try to see if i can fix, but honestly i dont think i'll be able xS

  • @Shaezbreizh sorry for the late reply, where can I send you a prop to "investigate" ? :laughing:

  • @danix93 upload it then send link by chat

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