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Problem with props editor (addonprops)

  • Heydiho everyone, I am trying to use the props editor by Meth0d and and Quechus13 to generate a ytyp file for an add-on prop archive. Buuuuuuut doesn't work for me. I have the latest .NET framework installed and run the .exe as Admin, but everytime I rebuild it says:
    Could not Rebuild!
    Possible errors:
    -Your .NET Framework is not updated to 4.6.1 or highers.
    -Some prop values are not in the format. Check again.

    When I remove every entry it works, but... well. Even if I just try to rebuild it with the two default objects (batlocker and that other things), no luck. Same error.

    Either someone could point me in the right direction to fix this or generate a .ytyp for a prop with the following attributes please:


    LodDist: 1100,0


    External textures

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I never get this kind of error, but i got some trouble with the Flag option and the external textured object (it didn't gave any error but object were not working or bugy), may that could be the reason.
    If you want I can try to build it and send you back the def_prop.ytyp, i could build you an island with access to the space pad too if you need.

    And about your question of the other day, the thing about if it could handle as much polygon for a prop, i've been able to do 1 000 000 polygon object but it tend to become instable over
    1 150 000 polygon

  • @Shaezbreizh thanks for the info. For now I use the ytyp file that Oskar gave me, works fine so far (well, the shadow is an isse, but apart from that...) I really hope I can fix my current issue though, I'd hate to ask someone to create a .ytyp for me everytime I want to add props :/

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