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I can't spawned Car

  • hey guys please help, car spawner used to work but now i can't spawn any vehicles, what is wrong with my game :( is that because of map editor bcoz in past i didn't use it (sorry for bad english)

  • @cr77 Let me guess It says "invalidmodel" or nothing ? sometimes gta v don't want to spawn more things when there are already too much objects/cars/peds spawned I noticed that.
    just delete mapeditor or unload the map you loaded or try a better gameconfig.xml or try to clearworld with trainer trainer or if you can upgrade your PC .
    hope it help

  • @cgz Upgrading his PC won't solve his problem.

  • @Zackintosh Mmh I think It can if he have an old computer, mine is not good enough and sometimes I got similar problem even without requesting too much memory

  • @cgz Yeah but that doesn't seem to be the problem here.

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