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  • So a few months ago i installed an add on mod. it did not work properly so i removed the mod. i then loaded up gta and the wouldnt work with add on mods any longer. i uninstalled the game and removed all gta files from computer. ive installed it since and add on mods still do not work and the game refuses to load, and therefore i can only use replace mods. is there any suggestions that anyone can give me as i really want to get the add on mods back. thank you for helping if i can get any replies.

  • @samwbafc You haven't told us anything about what you have installed to try and get addon mods working, therefore we have no idea what might be causing the problem...

    Tell us more about what you have installed so far and how you have it installed.

  • i had loads installed. but kinda gave up so i deleted everything i could find. i think the mod was a skin for a car from what i remember, like a dick i accidently put the skin in the wrong file in open IV i put the file into a folder for an original gta car that was still on the game. i backed up the files before hand incase anything went wrong so i used them in the hope it would get rid of my error but still it didnt work. something tells me i dont think ill be ever to find where the problem is :(

  • Still none the wiser...

    We can't see your game files, we can't see what folders you might have set up for your mods, we can't see if you've installed OpenIV correctly... we can't see what version of the game you are running.

    The only things we know are what you tell us. When you tell us the details, we can then start to work out where the problem is. Until then, we have no idea...

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