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[MAP] [WIP] Stunt paradise V

  • Official Discussion Thread for STUNT PARADISE V

    Hello today I decided to relase first photos of STUNT PARADISE V. (Based in Sandy Shores Airfield)

    My plan is to create the most complexed and detailed stunt racing map. This map does not include just racing track, map also includes the START/FINISH area populated with peds and realistic environment (Car TV show, garage, Pit box, car parking...)
    So here is the summary of what I done and what my plans are:

    -Garage for fixing cars (based in airplane hangar) :white_check_mark:
    -Pit box :white_check_mark:
    -Parking for audience :white_check_mark:
    -Interactive peds (Security, paparazzi, directors, mechanic, TV starts...) :x:
    -Refueling station (near pitbox) :x:
    -Create stands for interacive peds :x:
    -Finish track :x:
    -Finish the main area around TV show and race control room :x:

    And here is poll:

  • Great and ambitious idea! How will you create all this?

  • @DocBuddy I'm using Menyoo object spooner.

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