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Dlclist.xml Possibly Being Ignored

  • I installed this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2009-suzuki-ltr-450-street-edition which is an ATV by RkrdM (which his mods usually cause the game to crash, but i was just seeing if it wouldn't) and i removed it, suddenly all my add-on cars are....missing. like, completely gone while in OpenIV my dlclist.xml Is STILL in the mods folder and all my dlcpack folders are still there but It's like that mod either caused my game to completely collapse in on itself or OpenIV/GTA-5 is ignoring the dlclist.xml....

  • @SancrisWolf Check the xml file for errors. A single error can cause the whole list to get ignored.

    Check for missing > or / characters in the element tags.

    Check to make sure that the two <Item> tags on a line are exactly the same.

    <Item> & <Item> is valid
    <item> & <item> is valid
    <Item> & <item> is not valid, so the case must match for both of them.

  • @LeeC2202 I always back-up my dlclist and I did revert to a dlclist that was working beforehand, but i'll still check I reckon

  • @LeeC2202 Okay, you were right. there was an extra \ at the end of the text i must have added and then backed up that one on accident

  • @SancrisWolf So it's working okay then?

    I always get those slashes the wrong way round... which isn't very good seeing as all I am doing lately is making xml files up... sorry for the confusion. :blush:

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