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More realistic driving mod that WONT break single player progression?

  • I reinstalled the game, wanna 100% it finally but I'm a stickler for realistic car physics, Is there a known physics mod that will not screw my getting through single player?

    Furthermore I intend to change all cars for real world variants. If I recall car models somehow alter physics as well? will this be an issue I have? would it be safer to change my car models THEN change the physics?

  • I'm using Sim-cade Handling 2.5 by chang63.
    That's the best handling mod I ever came across and I definitely highly recommend it.
    Newest Version is 3.x, I'd suggest you to try out which version you like most. 3.x is more realism oriented & based on the real life counterparts of the V cars while 2.x focuses more on game play in general.
    Also, I'm currently playing the storyline again, so far had only one issue regarding the Seashark handling with 3.2, which was fixed instantly with the 3.3 update.

  • And yep, custom vehicle models can affect the handling. Haven't used any custom vehicle models with Sim-cade handling except for a few vanilla edits but I'd suggest you to simply try it out.
    Also, many vehicle mods are coming with their own handling lines anyway. So what you're going to do is installing the handling mod first and then you'll probably end up editing the handling.meta to use the handling lines coming with most of the vehicle mods.

  • @prince_linus would you say sim-cade is more or less realistic then gta4 handling model?

  • @Nexxus If you replace many vanilla vehicles with HQ real vehicles, your PC performance will be reduced massively.
    Edit: You've already posted a question about this. Nevermind then.

  • @Nexxus Definitely way more realistic than default IV. If you want IV-stylish handling in V, I'd suggest Classic Handling by Alexander Blade, though I wouldn't play the storyline with it.

  • @prince_linus I went with sim-cade thanks, was just curious.

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