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Is it possible to replace every car with a real world varient?

  • I very much wanna do this. It adds a lot to the game to me as a car nut, but I know this wasn't doable in gta4

  • Technically and theoretically with the right PC - yes. Though your traffic variety will be messed up because of the memory usage of most of the vehicle mods due to their size.
    Biggest problem will be that you won't be able to find much more suitable good quality vehicle mods at some point - especially if you're planning to replace every car with their real life counterpart.
    And BTW, with the right commandline it's no problem having a lot of vehicle mods installed in IV :P

  • @prince_linus

    Bleh so still causes issues just... not as severe as GTA4s problems.

    So disappointing the real world cars make it such a cooler experience for me but if they are not the cars spawning in traffic I don't see the point

  • @Nexxus Oh, they will spawn in traffic as long as they're listed in popgroups.ymt. Though it's not as bad as the Taxi bug in IV but your traffic variety will definitely suffer.

  • @prince_linus Maybe way down the line when im on an nvifia GTX1580 or something lol

    my 1070 just cant cope with that and visualV/NaturalV

  • @Nexxus NaturalV? You're talking about Natural Vision, right?
    Still, I'd say try installing all of the car mods you want to install. Had around 45 - 50 cars installed, 30+ of them were Add-Ons and I'm on a GTX 960M - FPS drop was minimal.
    Oh btw, FPS drop with Timecycle Edits like VisualV is also minimal - lost 2-3 FPS with VisualV.

  • Huge car packs always lead to lag and texture popping/LOD issues as cool as they are to me its just not worth the sacrifice of performance.

    The biggest pack I used was 350 cars

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