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Find fitting Vehicle Sounds for your Mods

  • Hi Guys,
    i'm almost done adding all vehicles i want into big own dlc Files. Currently at ~800 Cars.
    Now there are several Cars that dont have fitting Vehicle Sounds and as a fine tuning i want to change them.

    I know how i can do that but i want to know if you guys know a fast way to have an overview over the Sounds of all GTA 5 Cars to quickly pick the one that i want for my mod.
    There are lists with all GTA 5 Cars and i could search them on Youtube, i know. But that wouldn't be the fast way and often they wont stop babbling in their videos or there is music in them, its quite annoying.
    I'm looking for a faster way to search all Vehicle Sounds. Lets hear what've you got :-)


  • What I do is using Quants Trainer....
    I disable all traffic and go into a tunnel and spawn every car ingame one after the other with my camera outside at the rear exhaust and rev them all one by one...doesn't take long at all actually.
    You can exit the car and warp into another in a matter of seconds with Quant's trainer with traffic off....since it will zap away the car as soon as you exit.

    One thing I discovered is there are more engine sounds than you think.
    For example the Obey Hardtop and Cabrio both have different sounds.
    The race versions of some sports cars have louder wilder sounding exhaust.

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