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call of duty/battlefield health degrade and regen system(more tactical and realistic )

  • Can some one make a mod which makes it easy to loose health rapidly during shootouts ajd heal as fast too juat like in FPS games where if we are hit with few bullets the screen turn bloddy abd as we rest the health regenerates
    The blood effect can be ignored for now
    But i think its easy to make player loose health rapidly dyring fights and recover rapidly too while not hit
    It will nake the game more tactical as we won't blased the way in unrealistic way instead seek cover from time to time and would valance the game too in an awsome way

  • @kukupie There is no need to make duplicate threads on the same subject.

    Locked as a duplicate of the thread here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/7777/call-of-duty-battlefield-health-system-for-more-realistic-and-tactical-fight

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