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Multiplayer maps issue loading with simple trainer.

  • I have been trying to figure out why I can't load the multiplayer maps with simple trainer this trainer here https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav but every time I try to load the multiplayer maps I get this every time?

    0_1488812135954_Screenshot (87).png 1_1488812135954_Screenshot (86).png

    Did R* did something to stop the multiplayer maps from loading up with a trainer for offline?

  • @TR71777 have you tried with loading by default with MpMap=1 in trainerV.ini ,
    Also if you have openinteriors you have to edit the ini too.
    If it's not working IMO it can be gameconfig.xml not allowing enough memory to the online map

  • Probably you have too much custom DLCs and game is crashing because limits are exceeded.

  • @cgz I have the x5 gameconfig.xml though I know that's not the issue part there cause the game loads and plays fine it only crashes when I try to load the maps from the trainer

  • @CP I really don't have that many dlcs just the add on peds and at least maybe 40 to 50 vehicles

  • @cgz where do you find that in the INI? on both?

  • Try to download IVPack and install my gameconfig.xml only (it's inside ivpack.oiv).

  • @cgz what do I need to change it too to make them work?

  • @TR71777 open trainerV.ini in GTA folder, use ctrl+f and copy "MpMap" when you find it then change the value 0 with1 .
    And the Same with OpenInteriors.ini "loadMultiplayerMap" and change the value with 1.

  • @cgz said in Multiplayer maps issue loading with simple trainer.:


    that didn't work it still crashed the game R* really likes to fuck things up and make sure offline SP players get fucked over


    @TR71777 You do have mpapartment loaded in your dlclist.xml, right?!

  • @meimeiriver let me check

  • @meimeiriver yes I do have it in my DLC list its always been there?


    @TR71777 Also, if your game keeps crashing, temporarily remove something big, like the mpimportexport DLC. Good chance your game will start again. Then start removing your 600 car DLC's, one by one (or roll them into several single ones). This is really very likely a running-out-of resources issue.

  • @meimeiriver I already knocked it down on the cars to 60


    @TR71777 Even 60 is a lot; with all mp stuff enabled, game would only allow 19 extra DLC packs for me (with the 300+ cars config). Seriously, just try unloading mpimportexport for a moment. :)

  • @TR71777 You should try to edit gameconfig.xml by yourself with increasing a bit things like <PoolName>TxdStore</PoolName> <PoolName>Vehicles</PoolName>
    <PoolName>VehicleStreamRender</PoolName> <PoolName>HandlingData</PoolName>
    <VehicleUpperLimitMP (
    maybe this one can help you but I never tried yet,
    @CP Do you know what VehicleUpperLimit mean ? I'm wondering if it's related to tuning parts or the vehicles limits spawned in MP )

  • @TR71777 Oh and I forget you have add on ped also the same thing related to ped PedMemoryMultiplier etc

    But you will loose less time trying @meimeiriver said ,
    It take time to try adjusting gameconfig , I don't know if I will one day make it optimal for all the mods I use . Because nobody use the same kind of mods and have the same amount of graphic memory available.


    @cgz said in Multiplayer maps issue loading with simple trainer.:

    @TR71777 Oh and I forget you have add on ped also the same thing related to ped PedMemoryMultiplier etc

    But you will loose less time trying @meimeiriver said ,

    Indeed. :) He should first try and determine where the cause lies. Unloading a (big) DLC like mpimportexport will give him a good indication whether it's a resource issue. If it turns out to be, he can always tweak his gameconfig later (as doing so, I might add, itself introduces new reasons for the game to crash).

  • @meimeiriver Yeah True it's not cool if it brings more crashes lol , That's why it take times to edit it (edit replace launch play crash edit replace launch play crash etc etc)
    @TR71777 when you will delete some cars , start with high poly models and models without LODs

  • @cgz I think it's for amount of vehicles which could be rendered in Online, value is lower to keep performance.

  • @TR71777 you fix it please tell me /?

  • The Issue I am Facing Is,That When I Load it and I go into any Protagnist's house the House Just Disapears (Invisible) and I can See Everything From Inside the House.

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