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ScriptHookV.dll Disappearing?

  • Only found one thread about this somewhere else but it wasn't the same thing. To make it short, I either deleted ScriptHookV.dll while trying to keep my game from crashing, or it disappeared from the directory. But now when I download it from the Dev-c website, ScriptHookV.dll disappears as soon as i extract the main file. Watched it happen twice, but it mostly just doesn't appear in the 'bin' folder. Any suggestions?

  • @CLew My guess is that somehow, it got picked up by your anti-virus or Windows security settings. Check the logs for whichever AV you are using, to see if it is being held in the quarantine.

    I know Windows 10 users have mentioned problems with security settings leaving them with a 0KB dll, so maybe this is something similar.

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