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Downloading the caddy to dead editzz

  • Hi I'm new to this forum and modding, but somehow I was able to get dead editzz blus mod menus onto my ps3 for gta 5, and I have been trying and trying to look up how to add the 1949 Cadillac lowrider onto my game, and with no luck, I officially decided to register here on the acutual website. Please if someone could give me The exact steps I would have to do, to get this Add on vehicle. Or maybe some could just send me the file to put on my usb, it would be greatly appreciated


    [README] Frequently Asked Questions: Site-Related

    How do I mod my console (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One)?
    Console versions are not supported on this site - all mods here are for PC only.

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  • @Brysentheenlightened As has already been correctly stated, console modding is not allowed on this forum.

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