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New Comment System

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jedijosh920 I seem to remember this idea, or something very similar was voiced recently. The outcome was pretty much that voting on what people say can lead to negative consequences, especially if one user rates badly for a legitimate reason and then the author and the author's supporters decide to seek retribution by mass downvoting the comment.

    I have already seen a lot of hate directed to users who don't rate 5 stars or have legitimate grievances and I think this kind of thing could simply lead to less people voting.. or even worse, less people downloading.

    Perhaps a more interesting twist on the idea, would be to have the option only on the author's comments. That way, the users could make their feelings known about how the author is responding to users. Although saying that, it would probably just make some authors comment even less than they do already, when a problem arises.

  • @jedijosh920 that's a great ideea!!! every user should have a set of fonts, icons and colours, and when you repy to him, you can use them :dark_sunglasses:
    One more thing: If you, the site owners ever implement this, make sure nobody will steal the ideea, because it will explode :nuclear_explosion:

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