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[SCRIPT][.NET][WIP]Death Animations for NPC!

  • Hello guys!
    So, a lot of people has asked me to make my Death Animations mod works on NPC as well.
    This moment... has arrived!
    For maintenance purposes I've decided to not blend the mod, so this will be accomplished by another script I'm releasing soon.
    Meanwhile here is a video that showcases that

  • looks awesome man, do you think you could do something similar for the ragdoll weapon drop mod as well? at least for melee combat.. would be great to be able to punch a dude hard enough to knock the knife out of his hands so he stops stabbing me..

  • @Zippo-Raid Was testing that, but It doesn't work consistently ATM. And I can't figure out how to make the NPC weapons pick able once they fall to the ground! Maybe I'll come up with a solution in the next weeks ;)

  • @Cloud_Power ah that's a shame, I look forward to whatever progress you can make.

    also, I saw your comment on my violence overhaul ... but you seem mistaken; the files you gotta delete for my mod dont disable writhing like your script does, it merely stops peds from dying during their writhing stage after 2 seconds like in vanilla, making them writhe on the floor much longer in my overhaul (Drkz originally found this out). Your script entirely disables writhing for some reason and therefore produces a different effect than what my violence overhaul achieves. Hopefully this clears some misunderstandings

  • @Zippo-Raid Right. In order to make your mod works with mine this script is needed. That's because this mod and Death Animations do use animation from combat@death@from_writhe.ycd but your mod doesn't work with these animations enabled. Hence, the only way to keep compatibility is to disable writhe completely! So, files are still in the game and I as everyone who need them can use them, and your mod will also work flawlessly because combat@death@from_writhe will never triggered on peds. ;)

  • This looks amzing dude, tho it would be cool if we could blend this with the euphoria. What i mean by that is that the ped will play the animation but shooting him/her during that animation just makes them go ragdoll, i personally think it would look better wich would remove the stiffness after interupting the death animation. Looking forward for this one dude, gl

  • @Zippo-Raid that would be so fuckin sick especially since yu cant disarm from counters

  • @Cloud_Power is this still being worked on?? Would be a good mod to have, thanks :)

  • Looks nice. But could you make the likeliness of a death animation being played configurable? There are really nice ragdoll mods out there and I'd like to see both good ragdoll and the animations. Would be a shame to miss one because of the other.

  • Oh man this looks sick! I hope you release it soon!

  • Is this project dead?

  • Is there anyway to delete the npc death animations, ive tried everything and they won't go away.

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