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When cops are dispatching.....

  • When they are dispatching, why only one SWAT member is coming in fbi2 van? If I want to change this, what should I do?

  • @EDGeNA FBI2 Van? 'FBI2' is the internal name for the FIB Buffalo. Are you're talking about the Riot Van or the FIB Granger?
    If you're talking about the Riot - that's because the Riot was used in a road block set up with only one NOOSE agent who started pursuing you.

  • @EDGeNA
    Vanilla cops are extremely bad in all aspects, if you want better cops, response teams and realistic detection with many other improved things, use mods like RDE or CPR.


    As suggested: Look into RDE: Realism Dispatch Enhanced v3.0.1 and Eddlm's Better Chases + Arrest Warrant v1.2.
    These two have greatly improved the way 5-O patrols and dispatches in SA.
    And then while you're at it, look into Olanov's Cops: Back on the Beat v2.0 that makes the experience even better.

    Basically what these mods do is making edits to popgroups.ymt and dispatch.meta, combined with new patrol cars and behaviour rules

  • Better Chases + Arrest Warrant v1.2 has critical issue in "Better Chases" module that causes crash in some circumstances. Good mod but not recommended to use.

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