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OIV installer advice needed

  • I want to make an OIV installer to include all my mods. I tried using a package creator but it is not intuitive and even has a warning that it could be buggy. There is another called package manager, which does appear more intuitive, but when I drag a file into it, it crashes. I don't want to do this completely by hand, as it would be an all-day event, LOL. Any advice is appreciated.


  • @eshenk I feel your pain, man. I had the exact same issue with OpenIV Package Manager, I ended up having to write the tree using commands. It's pretty much the same as dragging it in but you just need to manually specify the directories. Right-Click > Add Command > Specify the Command Type (Archive [.rpf], Text, etc.) > Specify the path and other parameters > Save > Build > and you should be good to go at this point. The video on the mod page shows how to do it a bit:

    Hope this helps some! :D

  • @sollaholla Love. It's all I have for you. Hope you don't mind. :)

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