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Custom Addon-Props DLC?

  • Anyone know how to make a hybrid of the addonprops folder (like rename and have basically a custom addonprops folder). I have tried this, but I can only have one "props" directory (either addonprops or my custom-props). They both don't work at the same time. I've even tried to edit the setup2.xml and the content.xml files to replace the "addonprops" stuff with my "custom-props" but it doesn't seem to allow me to have both folders. (Meaning only one's props will be loadable in game)

    If anyone knows how to do this that would be great! I know you can do something similar with custom vehicles, so maybe it applies to props as well?

  • I was thinking it was coming with the setup or content but if you already try then I guess it's coming from the def file isn't it ? may you could try a commun def file ( input all object into one def.ytyp and place it in both folder ?)

    I already asked method about that but he seems to not care anymore about his prop editor xS

  • @sollaholla I basically built my own files and did not use the one from AddonProps. I only used the tool to build the def.ytyp. That worked without a problem.

    Is it possible that you maybe forgot something in the content.xml? Maybe the line to enable the files?

  • @Oskar Here's what I got in my content.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	<disabledFiles />
    	<includedXmlFiles />
    	<includedDataFiles />
    			<overlay value="false" />
    			<disabled value="true" />
    			<persistent value="true" />
    			<overlay value="false" />
    			<disabled value="true" />
    			<persistent value="true" />
    			<mapChangeSetData />
    			<filesToInvalidate />
    			<filesToDisable />
    			<txdToLoad />
    			<txdToUnload />
    			<residentResources />
    			<unregisterResources />
    			<requiresLoadingScreen value="false" />
    	<patchFiles />

    And my setup2.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	<timeStamp>04/07/2016 17:26:39</timeStamp>
    	<contentChangeSets />
    	<startupScript />
    	<scriptCallstackSize value="0" />
    	<order value="25" />
    	<minorOrder value="0" />
    	<isLevelPack value="false" />
    	<dependencyPackHash />
    	<requiredVersion />
    	<subPackCount value="0" />

  • @sollaholla I'm not sure if it makes a difference (probably not) but try to switch the props.rpf and the def_props.ityp. That's how I did it. Apart from that I can't really find a mistake.

  • @Oskar Like how do you mean?

  • @Oskar In filesToEnable?

    EDIT: Do you think it's possibly the "orderValue" ?

  • @sollaholla In filesToEnable and in the blocks above.
    Maybe. But I don't know, it's just how I did and it worked. Worth a try at least.

  • @Oskar Can you share your setup?

    What do you have as your orderValue?

  • I figured it out, here's what I did:

    First of all you need to duplicate the addonprops folder. And drag it somewhere else because we'll be updating some things.

    1. With openiv, go open the dlc.rpf folder > rename the props.rpf to "yournamehere_props.rpf" and update the definitions in the xml files (changing dlc_addonProps.rpf to dlc_yourNameHere_props.rpf.
    2. In setup2.xml find the line that says orderValue="" set the order value to whatever you want [ I used 26]
    3. Rename your dlc folder from "addonprops" to something else.
    4. Everywhere in content.xml and setup2.xml rename anything that says "addonprops" to your folder name.
    5. Inside props.rpf, change the def_props.ytyp's name to something unique. In my case I used def_space_props.ytyp.
    6. Download a converter so you can convert the ytyp file into an xml.
    7. At the bottom of the xml file, there should be something that says <name>hash_A7A34167</name>, we're going to generate a hash for this line.
    8. Go to this website, and type in the name of your ytyp (remember mine was def_space_props).
    9. Take the generated hash and paste it on the <name>hash_A7A34167</name> line, and write hash_yourHashHere.
    10. Now re-convert the xml file back into an ytyp file.
    11. In the setup2.xml anywhere that you see "def_props.ityp" replace that with the name of your new def_props name followed by .ityp
    12. Re-import everything back into open iv, and check to make sure all the fields where updated.
    13. Add your addon folder to the dlclist.xml just like you did for addonprops.

    You're done! Now addonprops, and your custom props folder can work together in peace and harmony :)

  • @sollaholla I didn't make it that complicated :P
    I just took a prop archive from the Heists DLC, renamed it, added the files to the content.xml, generated the def_props.ytyp with the AddonProps tool and done :)

  • @Oskar Lol

  • so what is the better way finaly ?

  • @Shaezbreizh That's up to you, I've only tried one and know it works.

  • @sollaholla well i'll try but it's more complicate with your way xP
    cause if we all do as said @oskar I guess we gonna get incompatibilty isn't it ?

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