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Question about the mods folder

  • lets say a mod doesnt say to install in that location, if you do will it still work?

    Like is umm I think it is Scripthook? Is it pulling things from that folder to work rather than the base game directory no matter what the hell is it? Is that how this all works?

    So will effectively ANYTHING work in the mod folder outside of say a .asi an enb or .dll

    I am really struggling to know when I should use that mods folder if the read me doesn't explicitly say.

  • @Nexxus The mods folder is basically where you copy any original game files before modifying them. Any time a mod tells you to add something to x64e.rpf or update\update.rpf\common\data, then you place those files into the mods folder and create a path that matches. Basically, if the location doesn't have mods at the front, then if you add mods\, that's where the file needs to be.

    For example, x64e.rpf is in the main game folder, the mods folder is a copy of the main game folder, so you would end up with mods\x64e.rpf

    The update.rpf file is in the update folder, so that would go in mods\update\update.rpf

    ScriptHookV only ever uses mods in the main game folder and those mods end in .asi, like OpenIV.asi, ScriptHookVDotNet.asi or trainer.asi

    ScriptHookVDotNet uses the scripts folder and that's for the dll files from script mods, like Map Editor, NativeUI

    ENB is a graphics mod that works in the main game folder, Reshade is the same.

  • @Nexxus As @LeeC2202 already pointed out, in the mods folder goes every mod which edits vanilla game files. Just wanted to add that you don't have to recreate the folder structure if you're installing a mod into the mods folder. Simply follow the path outside the mods folder given in the ReadMe file - a red message will pop up saying 'Copy files to mod folder'. Now OpenIV will recreate the folder structure in the mods folder automatically without you doing anything.

  • @prince_linus Very good point about OpenIV creating the folder structure. I always copy through Windows Explorer, so I forget it does that.

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