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[script] call of duty/Fps games health system.(loosing health quickly in shootouts and regenerating equally fast while in rest)

  • Won't a mod like this make gta 5 more tactical during shoot outs. And won't be able to blast in am unrealistic way and will have to seek cover making fights more tactical and dangerious like in cod/bf ganes. What itwill basically do is when in shoot out

    1. Screen starts to fade or get bloodier as we take continuous hits
    2. As we avoid bullets for 2 sec the fading effect slowly decreases or bloody effect gets less as our health regenerates
      If you can't get what i mean you shpuld check out call of duty MW shootouts where when the player takes too hits the screen becomes bloodier and eventually dies but if the player manages to seek cover and avoid bullets for few seconds his health regenerates back and the bloody effect fades away slowly.
      3.a function to make this script work only with shootouts not jumps or crashes to keep the original style of GTA
      Just modifying the shootouts for more fun and tactical and realistic fight

  • Anyone?

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