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Material #82 is invalid or missing

  • Help me
    I was trying to make my first vehicle mod for GTAV and everything was going just right till yesterday when i add in a pocket printer http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/6174-pocketjet-in-car-printer/
    and it give me an out of error message and so i tried again it doesn't give it again.
    when i save it and open it again everything has no texture its just grey even in material browser everything is blank, there was no name nothing.
    and i got this log file and it said
    ZModeler is ready.
    Failed to load data for interface ID 163
    Material #82 is invalid or missing: it was replaced with default material. The file was improperly saved. file:Serialization.cpp line:138
    texture was in there but why does this happen
    please, please help me


  • I guess you should ask on Zmodeler forum for this, Oleg will help much better than everyone here ;)

    Between a grey ( or other color) polygon mean zmodeler don't support the material ( or that no material is apply on it)
    You can change to a different material then

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