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Invisible windshield bug - ENB issue?

  • @Vans123 said in Invisible windshield bug - ENB issue?:

    there is no reason to have other than 2 textures in 2048 inside your .ytd

    And yet I have your Ferrari with a 2K dials and gauges texture... and an almost 2K normal map for the leather... 1844x1844 to be exact. :\

    Isn't the whole point of knowing the misconceptions and pitfalls, that you don't fall into them yourself? If you state that there's no reason to have something but your models have it, isn't that going to make people question the validity of that statement?

  • The hell y'all talking about ??๐Ÿ˜†
    Its a simple material configuration in zmodeler which doesn't look right here...
    Odds are the specular texture is black or dark...
    @ReNNie Ask the author to review his material settings in zmodeler...(the buggiest 3d software on earth).๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • @LeeC2202 Busted, true and thanks for pointing that out. Helps me point myself into the right direction. Walking some miles in the wrong direction doesnt remove your ability to recognize the correct one right? You as a code person should know this better than most of people, hence why updates exist.
    I as a modder in a fairly limited modding environment like V one, like to experiment and see what works and what not. And i do have stuff to share to help people understand what i understood failing many times, yet my fails wont remove the valid part of the knowledgde im sharing, heck what better to prove im right that my own fails?

    Yet, the moment i point what the right path should look like, its more important to remind me i have done stuff the wrong way while trying to figure stuff out in a terrain most of us know crap about.

  • @Vans123 said in Invisible windshield bug - ENB issue?:

    Walking some miles in the wrong direction doesnt remove your ability to recognize the correct one right?

    Indeed it doesn't... it in fact shows how easy it is to get caught out by the temptation to make things even better... and as you say, offers a gentle nudge to get us back on the path. One of the biggest requirements for model creation, is a level of discipline that flies against everything you want to do... it's a tough task.

    @Vans123 said in Invisible windshield bug - ENB issue?:

    You as a code person should know this better than most of people, hence why updates exist.

    I am actually an artist by profession and that's what drives me to want this knowledge for people. I see code being shared all over the place but I don't see the same level of modelling knowledge and info. And that's strange for me, because as a game developer, it always seemed to be the artists who were the ones sharing. I always encouraged it because it meant that as a team, we were stronger by knowing the best way to do something. And the better the team was, the better the end results for the players.

    I hope I didn't cause any offence with my comment, that genuinely was not the intent... I apologise if it did.

    And I should probably stop dragging this thread sideways... it seemed relevant at the time but I think it has run its course. Sorry @ReNNie :(


    hmmm actually it's threads like this that give me a true community feel, so hugs all around

    Problem solved btw, well sorta: I've imported the vanilla 'vehicle_generic_glasswindows2' from vehshare into the models ytd and set that to 70% opacity > darker windshield, slightly better visible. Good enough for now.

    What threw me off was that I couldn't believe I had this car setup to spawn and chase me in L.E.E.T. where as it had a bad windshield.
    At that time (late 2015) I was using VisualV so figured this bug would not be present in VisualV yet only in my edited timecycle xml's/visualsettings.dat.

    So what was I wrong! I switched to VisualV v1.0.300 this morning where it was the same bug.
    So indeed inside the materials there is something wrong as stated previously :)

    Currently editing visualsettings.dat some more with RadianceV v1.8 as a reference for the emissivebits.
    Just toning down the values from Bxbugs123 a notch.

  • @LeeC2202 No! Please keep doing it, you are quite good at picking on those little details that can improve stuff by a good amount.
    Heck, thank you again for giving me a reason to update some stuff

  • I would agree to what Vans said, it is with confidence I can say it's both a detail problem with the glass being too bright or having a fairly dark specular in zmod, I did the same problem in my earlier days...

    Looking up in the thread, this was already solved... So I am sorry about this useless comment :P

    Side question to @Vans123, does increasing env level to 255 in zmodeler actually make a difference? My thoughts has always been that zmodeler material things were controlled by GTA itself and that the options in the materials were mainly for looks in Zmod. If it turns out all those sliders and options matters, my material "skills" might rapidly increase. So how about it?

  • @Zievs The sliders do work in some cases, my clearer example could be lightemissive shader, the intensity slider at the very top do works and can decrease the intensity it shines with

    Specular slider has little to no effect, same for bumpmap. Its truely more carried along by the texture used. Note that im not saying they dont work at all, they do change stuff a little.
    Speculars work in a very interesting way, the wide range of material looks you can get by it is great.

  • @Vans123 Good to know, thank you. I usually put the slider of the env up on the glass in zmodeler to get a more realistic reflection in game, but since env doesnt mater in game i guess that is useless? So maybe i should just increase specular instead?

  • @Zievs when talking about glass shaders, zmodeler gives you max specularity level by default, slider wise and texture wise which is a white plain specular like vehicle_specularmap. I dont really see the logic at touching the shader except for detail/diffuse texture

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