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  • I'm cutting and past the textures and my model textures not look nice.So Protrusions and folds on the model are not apparent.But people adding textures like rockstar games development team.Do you know how to do this in photoshop ? explain to me or give me the method name and i'll search on youtube. For example



  • @ShadowWolfTR This isn't about fixing a problem in Photoshop, this is about whether you are an artist or not, or whether you can draw.

    Those GTAV textures are being made by people who have spent maybe 10 or more years doing nothing but create graphics for games. I started doing it back in 1985. There is no YouTube video that teaches you how to draw in 5 minutes. Or should I say there are videos that teach you, but that doesn't mean that after 5 minutes, you will be a skilled texture artist. Watching a video is one thing, doing it is a different matter altogether. You have to practice, practice, practice and that's presuming you already know how to draw to start with.

    If you don't, then expect that learning time to go into years, not just months. You have to study how cloth and fabric behaves, how it reacts to changing light. Learn about highlights and shadows, about depth and texture and about different materials.

    Then you have to learn how to translate that knowledge to texture maps for game graphics, which is whole new layer of learning. How to use specular maps, bump maps and normal maps for instance.

    Some things you can't learn from a 5 minute video, some things just require a lot of time and creating good textures is one of those things.

  • I've been teaching myself since 2012. Still feel like an absolute beginner.

  • @LeeC2202 İ know this is not easy,people spending their years.Not easy to learn but not impossible either. I'm not trying the be professional about photoshop.İ only need the learn some easy methods about adding textures looking like a good work.You can tell me what should i search on youtube or what should i learn first.İ know even if you give me the lessons names i will not be able to learn in 5 minutes.I need to practice.In the meantime thank you for your reply :)

  • @LeeC2202 First they add this 3d model picture, then they add it on the coating so that the shadows and protrusions become obvious.I wanted to know how they do it.I thought they combined this 3d image and texture with in layers so I thought it was something easy to do.What do you think how do they do it?


  • @ShadowWolfTR Those are normal maps and they are created after the main texture. So no, they don't add that picture first, it is done last.

    They are used in the lighting calculations in the game, to make the light react as though the texture is bumpy or uneven.

  • @LeeC2202 I thought so wrong :( These maps have no interest in this subject but i still wanna learn :D

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