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complete beginner, need help from a pro.

  • so i decided to try out gta 5 mods, and its been fail after fail, i somehow have redux working even tho i have taken it out because of crashes, bike mods i follow every single step to the last word and i get "invalid model" or "invalid model hash" error codes, same applies for cars...except one and that was the silvia s14 also trainers i got to work.

    I'm a COMPLETE NOOB and cant seem to find a single video that helps, its either a music video or unclear wording and fast forwarded steps, or i follow everything the video says and i get the same error messages from above, i have a feeling I'm missing just one little thing and that's what's stopping me from enjoying these mods, is there anyone out there that can help me?

    plain simple explanations....like really dumb it down as much as possible ahahah since i have never done anything like this before but i would love to be able to join in with all the fun i see people having with these amazing mods .

    any and all help is much appreciated, thanks.

  • I'm a complete beginner as well

  • If you are installing script mods you need latest version of scripthookV.dll and some .asi plugins
    Download this, and read the Description
    Click here

    If you wanna install Vehicles, Peds etc..
    You need this software
    It will detect your game folder and by that you can install any vehicle mods or Peds

  • @RAZ3R_BLAD3 what happens if don't have gta

  • @Police-moder said in complete beginner, need help from a pro.:

    what happens if don't have gta

    Step 1. Buy the game
    Step 2. Install the game
    Step 3. Follow the steps that @RAZ3R_BLAD3 posted.
    Step 4. Make your own thread with questions if you have problems after Step 3.

  • thanks for the help, i have installed all the necessary programs and set up all the files like scripthook and openiv alredy, i was more so talking about installing mods themselves, i cant seem to get them to work even tho I'm following all the instructions, for example, the bike mod called "yz250f" or the "Nissan Skyline R34 25GT Turbo" mod, i have tried installing them both, I've added the line that needs to be added and saved the changes and added the dlc file back into the right place, then when i open up the game i get "invalid model" and that's where i have issues.

  • @yayos If you haven't installed a new gameconfig for the latest game version, you need to do that as well. Some people can't even get 1 addon without one of those.

    Search "gameconfig" (without the quotes) on the main site and try one of the two most popular ones for the 944 game version. Some people have more success with one than the other, so you might have to try both to find the one that works best for you.

  • @LeeC2202 thanks for the tip much appreciated, i already had gameconfig installed but i reinstalled it just in case but the same issue happens, i even tried a car mod that was on the front page thinking maybe the ones i have don't work or something, but again same invalid model message appears :(

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