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Can somebody mod ne and teach me how to mod so i can do it myself?

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  • @Mini_Thief01 What kind of mods?

  • You're being incredibly vague.
    Not only are you not mentioning specifically what you are interested in learning - since modding is incredibly broad - but you are also severely underestimating the knowledge it takes to create well-made mods that adds lots of new content to the game.

    That being said, you cannot possibly come here and expect someone to teach you, personally,
    all of the ins and outs of modding - in replies no less.

    If you are truly interested in learning how to mod, then I suggest you either visit the Tutorials category here in our forum and choose what type of mod it is you are interested in learning about (Vehicle models, scripting, map mods, texture editing, etc), or visit YouTube and look up video guides on the subject.


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