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[Tutorial] [Video] How to easily create GTA5 object MOD from real object (ReMake + ZModeler3 + OpenIV)

  • You can convert the real world object into digital 3D world by using Autodesk ReMake.
    I created the tutorial video how you can create the GTA5 object from the real world object, so I'd like to share it to everyone who wants to know that.

    I hope this will help your modding life. ;)

  • こういうの助かります!

  • @CROW-EDIT ありがとうございます。同じ映像で日本語版も作ろうかどうか検討中です。

  • Thank you very much, for the vídeo, I hope I can do it xD

    PD: Sorry to use google translate xD

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