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Police spawned in Yankton! +Question

  • So people have probably discovered this before, but personally I found this very interesting!

    I spawned in Yankton with a 2 star level, and I was next to the Ludendorff Beaver sign in a car when I noticed a red dot on my map appear. I found out Police3 cars were spawning into Yankton way before the Ludendorff Beaver sign. But only the Police3 slot (unmodified dispatch.meta).

    The police radio signalled my position as East San Andreas, and South something...

    So here's what I'm wondering. Is there a way to turn on normal traffic there too? If police cars spawn in when wanted, then traffic must either have an on off switch, or some files need a lot of playing with. How possible is this?

    Side Note: I turned off the wanted level, and the police car I followed was driving down the road normalluy, except for randomly steering to the right sometimes. It does U turns at the road end and prologue funeral location (because there's an invisible wall to avoid too).

    Is it possible to get normal AI to drive around...?

    0_1489109341554_Screenshot (258).png

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