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Simple Trainer

  • Please, I need help. I have been using this trainer and never have any problem. But, a few days ago it stopped working. I press the key (F3) but nothing happens in the game. This happened with all the trainers and mods


    I'd suggest to re-install all prerequisites

  • @ReNNie I reinstalled the whole game, and the same thing is still happening.
    Is there a possibility that the GTA has been updated?
    Maybe the game was updated and the trainers do not go yet

  • @atanasopulos Reinstalling the game does nothing if the files that are broken are not part of the game files.

    Remove all your ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and OpenIV files from the game directory and reinstall them.... which is exactly what @ReNNie said to do.

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