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Tuning Parts Limit/Problem


    Hello all!

    I hope you're having a good day/night, depending on which hour you'll read this ;)

    I created this topic because, as some of us know, GTA V has some limits:

    • Add-On's limit
    • Tuning Parts limit
    • Other limits

    First and third limits mentioned, can be "easily" solved increasing some values on "gameconfig.xml" file found in "/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data" route, but... what happens with Tuning Parts limit?

    What's my problem with Tuning Parts

    Well, with each update of the game that adds new vehicles, Rockstar Games decrease a bit the free space for our Add-On's, because new cars added by them, are new textures, tuning parts, etc, included on new files. This causes that in each update, we can't add the same amount of Add-On's that we had on the previous one, but this also affects to the amount of Tuning Parts available to add.

    Now, my problem is that if I add more than 20 Add-On cars, which most of them have Tuning Parts, some of the tuning parts of original game cars stops working, like "PFISTER811" that I have replaced with a Porsche 918 Spyder.

    My question: Is there a way (or some values that needs to be modified) to increase the Tuning Parts limit, or what can I do?

    If someone knows a way or something, please don't doubt to post a comment and try to help. I think that I'm not the only one with this problem.

    Thank you all :)

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  • greeting.
    well,as i know,the Tuning Parts limit is not existence,or in other way,this limit is not so easy to reach.
    i must say,i didnt use any replace mod,i only use addons,sometimes,the tuning parts fails,its beacuse the tuning parts id which in the carcols.meta and carvariations.meta.
    it looks like this
    <id value="918" />


    when this id got the same value with another mod,the tuning parts failed.
    but,what is Annoying,even this id is distinctive,sometimes the tuning parts also failes, i cant tell the law of it,my suggestion is just change it once and once,until u got a Available one.

    thas what i know,hope can help u。


    @sarielren Thanks for reply and help, unfortunatelly that's something that I already know thanks to Kizacudo, and not the problem, because if I remove some amount of Add-On's, tuning parts of PFISTER811 starts working fine.

    I'll continue investigating and see if I can find a solution or what's exactly the cause of this.


    UPDATE: I was testing, first I disabled all Added cars lines in "dlclist.xml" and "extratitleupdatedata.xml" files, and PFISTER811 (Porsche 918 Spyder) tuning were working correctly. Then, I was enabling 2 DLC's lines each time I was trying the PFISTER tuning in-game.

    What I got with this tests?

    After that, I can confirm that the problem is the amount of Tuning Parts of Add-On's. I have 20 Add-On cars installed and with this amount, and a Add-On folder to use Tuning Parts (for banshee, buffalo, bullet, dominator, elegy2, entityxf, issi2, khamelion, rapidgt, rapidgt2, sultan, vacca) of Add-On cars that are not made replacers by owners (like Ford GT 2005 by Aige or Porsche 918 Spyder by Se7enmoon) , tuning of PFISTER811 doesn't work. Else, if I only have 18 Add-On's installed, tuning parts works perfect.

    Maybe I'm the only guy on GTA V Modding that have this problem, sadly that's bad for me ;S.

  • @Reyser Nah, you're not the only one with this said issue. I myself, have about ~21 add-on vehicles with fully working tuning parts, but once I add one more vehicle to the mix other vehicles begin to lose their parts. Can't even upgrade the engine or suspension of the affected vehicle(s). I already maintain a modkit ID list, so there's no conflict there. Even changing the IDs to something truly unique doesn't work. Sooo, I don't know exactly what's up.


    @GrandCannon "Glad" to hear that I'm not the only one with this issue. As I can see, your problem is worst than mine, because I can, atleast, upgrade basic vehicle performance of the affected vehicles. I don't use ID's list (I should, but didn't it yet), but I checked ID's and all are different so that isn't the problem.

    I think that a way to solve our problem, could be removing old and useless car_mods.rpf files that are no more used by the game, but I didn't find the files (Should be content.xml or something like this) to disable them and avoid a game crash because "damaged game", and also do the same with "car.ytf/ytd" old files.

  • I noticed that some ID numbers disable sometimes another. I change them successfully but who knows on other side what happens. I discover from time to time that some cars don't have modkit parts any more. Use latest gameconfig from F7YO https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars which increased fragment store number for more modkits. I am completely sure that 90 percent of my add-on's work in that department. At least the last I tried in game recently. At the moment, I have 215 add-on modkits and 810 add-on cars, and I am still playing with all of them from time to time.

  • Delete useless tuning parts from older updates and edit content.xml from these dlc (sultanrs and banshee900r have several tuning_mods.rpf )


    @kizacudo Just tested the F7YO gameconfig.xml but without success. What I noticed is that this problem only happens (all other cars I tried have working parts) with 2 cars:

    • PFISTER811 -> Replaced with Porsche 918 Spyder by Se7enmoon
    • EntityXF -> Replaced with Koenigsegg Agera One:1 by Vans123

    I have installed both cars as usual, with carcols.meta, carvariations.meta, vehicles.meta, handling.meta and all necessary correctly installed, but for EntityXF and other cars I mentioned on my 3rd comment here, carvariations.meta, carcols.meta and tuning parts are installed on a DLC folder made by me (and all working fine less the EntityXF tuning not working in-game). The PFISTER ID is the same is used for this car by default (134), but the EntityXF is different (because we don't know which one use, so I use 1896).

    @ChOcOsKiZo That's what I thought, but, where are the files with lines I have to remove to delete useless tuning parts from x64i.rpf? I didn't found them.

  • @Reyser you can only delete files from rockstar's dlc , because there is no "content.xml" for vanilla cars , only for the ones which got updated after game release


    @ChOcOsKiZo said in Tuning Parts limit:

    @Reyser you can only delete files from rockstar's dlc , because there is no "content.xml" for vanilla cars , only for the ones which got updated after game release

    Oh ok, I'll try it later and give feedback, thanks for the help ;)

  • If you have your own custom addon , you should put all tuningparts from your cars in one and only tuning_mods.rpf instead of having a tuningparts.rpf for each vehicle


    @ChOcOsKiZo Yes, it's a way to make it easier and save a bit of time loading game and other processes of it, but I thought that I never know if a car that I right now like, later no, or something strange occurs and I want to delete it, that's why I didn't do that yet.

  • does increasing fragement size count in gameconfig.xml help? That was mentioned the comments section of the 600+ addon cars mod.

    They also mention not being able to spawn 15th or 16th add-on car in traffic or store in garage?


    @turtlevan For me, increasing FragmentStore size count, I could add more cars, but, no more tuning parts working. I really don't know why this is happening, but I'm sure that is something related with the amount of cars/tuning files of the game that are no more used by him.

    I'm trying deleting useless tuning_mods.rpf files, but still without success for tuning parts working. Tomorrow, maybe I'll try deleting useless car.ytf/.ytd files to see if something occurs.

  • A much needed mod would be a mod that can increase all limits to vehicle & pedestrain & tuning parts. Also need to increase Particle texture count, explosion texture, and fire/explosion effects, and simultaneous audio sfx output.

    When you have many custom high-poly add-on cars & visual/sound mods combined with high traffic/high pedestrain count, and then start to explode everything with 5 star army/military raid, limits happen & possible crash.

    Sounds stop playing, vehicles & pedestrains dissappear, explosion effects vanish or dont happen at all, car parts & particle effects dissapear.

    Apparently the game has limits remaining from PS3/CG/NG & orignal PC release patches, such as fragmentsize, dlclist.xml, visualsettings.dat, carcols, carvariations, gameconfig, that prevent many entites/objects/sounds from appearing at once without overloading memory. The game will never use more than 4-8gb of VRAM when many systems have 16-32gb & 40+gb virtual mem or ramdisks

  • @Reyser don't know how many cars you have but for information these are my modifications of the game :
    i usually have 1 addon with 75 vehicles ( 74 hq cars and the harley froms vans123 , atleast 30 cars have tuningparts in only 1 vehicle_mods.rpf using carcols id between 890 and 1023) , my ferrari n-largo addon and all my released mods as replacement ( bikes and cars) , westcoasts customs textures and some textures/hair mods for Trevor and Franklin , yeah i don't play with Michael lol .

    VisualV of course and Reshade (no enb)

    I only delete sultanrs and banshee900r tuningparts and increase values relative to cars in gameconfig.xml, and of course fragmentstore.

  • do you create your own dlc folder in dlclist.xml & put 75 vehicles inside 1 .rpf in there?

  • @turtlevan i added dlc_name in dlclist.xml and in extratitleupdate.xml , i create folder withe content.xml from my addon in update/update.rpf/dlc_patch and then put my dlc in update/x64/dlcpacks


    @turtlevan Yes that's needed, veeery needed, but I think it's so much difficult o impossible to do, and that's why no one did it yet.

    @ChOcOsKiZo I have exactly 19 Add-On cars, 10 with Tuning Parts. Also, in a own DLC folder (as I said few comments before), 13 Tuning Parts (for banshee, buffalo, bullet, dominator, elegy2, entityxf, issi2, khamelion, rapidgt, rapidgt2, sultan, vacca) of Add-On cars that are not made replacers by owners (like Ford GT 2005 by Aige or Porsche 918 Spyder by Se7enmoon).

    What I don't know, is why 3 cars (EntityXF, PFISTER811 and Issi2), doesn't have tuning working, if all is correctly installed and works when I have 2 Add-On's less installed. Strange things happens to GTA Modding world...

  • @Reyser too many addons makes the game go crazy lol

  • @Reyser I have same 980m 8gb as you. I think issue with Tuning parts is similar to issue with pool/vehiclecount & fragment. Need to find location of Tuning parts quantity limit/value in whatever .xml and increase size or ram allocation just like people did with vehicle counts or pedestrain counts in gameconfig.xml

    @ChOcOsKiZo Thanks for explanation of how to add multiple addons in dlclist.

    @Reyser Maybe delete 5 of your working Tunable Add-ons and use the Entity, Pfister811, & Issi2 to see if they work, perhaps current limit is near 15-19 tunables


    @turtlevan 6 Working Tunable Add-On's disabled and still didn't working.

    EDIT: Disabled all Add-On's except my Add-On's Tuning folder and guess what, only PFISTER811 have working now, other 2 cars still no.

  • Well then since Pfister811 is new car in dlc_list on 757.4 then, it's mention in some file is reason it only one working


    @turtlevan But PFISTER811 tuning parts are working because they were replaced with the original game files, his tuning parts are not on my Add-On's Tuning folder, else, for it would be the same as for EntityXF and Issi2.

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