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Tuning Parts Limit/Problem


    Little UPDATE: Deleted most of the useless car.ytd/.ytf files and still not working tuning parts for Issi2 and EntityXF (Pfister Tuning Parts doesn't work because something related with my Add-On's), so I'm 98% sure that problem is related with something bad edited (But hard to find what's).


    @kizacudo @ChOcOsKiZo @turtlevan @GrandCannon

    UPDATE #3: Finally, I got EntityXF and Issi2 Tuning Parts working perfect again. <3 | Problem were ID's (Before, I tried a lot of ID's without success. After, then I tried with their original ID's, and all worked... this game troll me).

    BUT, still a problem with Porsche 918 Spyder Tuning Parts. To get them working I need to remove some Add-On's, even having a gameconfig.xml to add more cars without problems... any idea about this?

  • @sarielren had the best suggestion for the tuning parts, then - try more ID's til find one that works..

    No idea about Sypder tho Reyser. Reyser, OT question: do you know how to get HQ msaa in ENB to work with ReShade?


    @turtlevan I use VisualV ENB + RealityZ ReShade, and for me, the default MSAA of ENB is working (if I enable it, of course) and no problems with ReShade. What's your problem with yours?

  • @Reyser

    alt text

    This pic is from old enb version... now there is also HighQualityVehicleMSAA option too. The options can be enabled both, it works good with SweetFX, but effect doesn't happen when using ReShade64.dll or reshade32 or d3d11 or dxgi in PROXY.

    TLDR: enb+reshade = Reshade works, hq msaa doesnt work
    enb + sweetFX = SweetFX works, hq msaa works

    Trying to find out how to enable it... Like you with the Tuning Parts limit :0 Reshade has some nicer presets on gta5-mods than sweetfx Db


    @turtlevan Well, as you can see here, that's how I have enblocal.ini settings, and for me works well. What's TLDR?

    I don't know so much about ENB's and ReShade configs, but maybe on ReShade.me forums is a possible fix or something that can help you. Unfortunatelly I can't do much more to help you into this problem, it's something that I never experienced.

  • great post here because there is actually a limit for tuning parts and some modders are not helping with it, after chasing big Poly numbers now some modders are like racing to have the biggest modkit but this will only ruin the game in the near future.


    @coool666 Absolutelly agreed with you, that's why I <3 YCA and Vans123 mods, best quality/choices and not an exceed of Tuning Parts for each car.

    Actually I'm trying to find which is the problem with tuning parts not working for PFISTER (replaced with Porsche 918 Spyder), but I think I'm close to fix it, because I tried:

    • Deleting useless car.ytd/ytf files.
    • Deleting useless car_mods.rpf files.
    • Reduce from 140 to 16 Add-On's.
    • Different ways to do the same to see if something changes.
    • Etc.

    None of above tries worked, so I'll try changing ID's of all 16 Add-On's and check that all of them keep working, and try Pfister to see if tuning appears or still no.

  • @Reyser i wish you good luck, i haven't replaced the new cars yet so i can't really help you
    sometimes just one little mistake like an added or missing "/" will ruin everything
    i know because it happened to me and caused all my tuning parts not working "and i mean for all add-on cars"


    @coool666 Thanks for wish me luck, it worked lol.

    I just disabled 1 Add-On and tried PFISTER in-game, and now it has tuning parts, just wow. Today's my lucky day, all is working as I wanted when yesterday no... XD

    LAST UPDATE: All is now working fine on my game guys, thank you all. I'll create another topic later sharing my knowledge about Add-On's and problems I had and solved ;)

  • @Reyser haha glad to hear that, i think we really need a topic to share working IDs and the used ones by modders this will really be helpful to everyone


    @coool666 Yes, but to do a topic like what you said, we first need to know all ID's used by default for Rockstar, and then, start sharing modding ID's with a minimum 100 numbers between the last from Rockstar and first new by modders, something like:

    • If Rockstar used 400 as last ID, our mods would start with ID's since 500 and above, to left a space for more Rockstar cars upcoming on new DLC's.

  • i had the same problem, easy fix, id in carcols meta are in some cars the same, worked for me.....

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