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Question about bink video replacing

  • Hi so I tried changing the in-game movies that play at the theater but the video I replaced gets cut short. It has something to do with "fduration" in the tvplaylists.xml file. I tried figuring it out myself, I noticed ("total video duration in seconds"x60)÷2=fduration works for short videos. It calculates roughly the correct fduration but this equation doesn't work at all for the theater videos... At least, I don't know how Rockstar calculated their fdurations. It's wonky or inconsistent between short videos and long videos if you look at their numbers in the xml file.

    I could just test and change the fduration until I get a roughly correct fduration. However, I'd like an equation so I can efficiently replace many binks one after the other.

    Anyone know about fduration or an equation I can try?

  • @HornyOldMan Here's what I have just discovered.

    MOV_Meltdown has an fduration of 21184.183594
    If you divide that by 30 (which I presume is the base framerate of the video playback), you get 706. (706.1394531333333 to be precise)
    The runtime of that movie is 11:46, which if you break down into seconds, = 706

    So if you take your movie length, convert it to seconds, multiply it by 30, that should get you an fduration pretty close to the required value.

  • @LeeC2202 Ah okay, that's good to know. Thanks Lee.

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