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High School DxD All in One mod

  • I've noticed that we have Naruto, Resident Evil and DC and Marvel Comics player skins, but no Shonen skins apart from Kamen Rider on this site. Since I can't mod GTA V, I just put this out there as a challenge to any good modder out there.

    HSDXD (High School DxD) anime series (2012-2016) models, characters from the original novel's skins and preferably a magic system included.

    High School DxD is a fantasy, harem and action anime about the misadventures of 17 year old Issei (Ise) Hyoudou after he is assassinated by his one-day girlfriend Yumma Amano and is reincarnated by one of the most popular girls in Kuoh Acadamy, Rias Gremory. Who happens to be a high-class mage and the little sister of..... Ya know who! After being reincarnated Issei must prove his worth to Rias, while dealing with conspiracies, girls of all sorts and also fulfilling his dream to become the "Harem King", an Japanese equivalent of a Mega-Playboy.

    Issei Hyoudou (Normal)

    Issei Hyoudou (Gauntlet form of Boosted gear on)


    Issei Hyoudou (Armoured Form)


    Rias Gremory ( Issei's master and King of the Peerage)


    Akeno Hijeruma ( Rias' Queen, uses thunder magic in combat)



    Koneko Tojo ( Rias' Rook, possesses super strength, durability and senjutsu ( energy sensing and absorption)


    Asia Argento ( Rias' Bishop, possesses a rare artifact known as Twilight Healing, which allows her to heal the injuries of her allies)

  • @Brandon-Danvers You tend to find that the mods that appear, do so because there are existing 3D models of the characters that people can convert.

    Are there any existing models of any of these characters? If not, then there is a lower chance that they will get made, as it will mean building them from scratch... which is time consuming.

    Are there any existing games with these characters in?

  • @LeeC2202 No, I don't think so.

  • @LeeC2202 Good point Mr Lee, but existing models don't really matter. i just wanted to see more anime mods for GTA 5.

  • @Brandon-Danvers @LeeC2202 Well I'm sure the models arent a problem since there's a major anime model community called MMD (mikumikudance)XD
    The point is that you have to find a good modder who is willing to help.
    Well from my point,not being disrespectful but I dont think anyone would help doing it for free :/
    Me myself got some permissions to convert some MMD models and asked Quechus13 for help,u can try that out but remember that it would cost u a fortune

  • @LeeC2202 Uh I accidently @ the wrong person *Facepalm

  • @Brandon-Danvers Here,I found u a model,I dunno if it's one of the characters u wanted cuz I didnt watch that anime :P
    alt text

  • @Elope No worries... I like MMD anyway. :D and that model you found is super-cute.

  • @LeeC2202 And erotic lol ( ̄^; ̄)

  • @Elope Thanks man!

  • @Elope Nice model but I can't mod anymore due to personal problems.

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