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How do uploads get verified?

  • I'm not even sure I'm allowed to ask, but after uploading 21/22 times and seeing another discussion, I've always wondered what happens?

    A fun idea would be that they actually install and test every mod, but I highly doubt it haha. Serious guess is that the files are looked at and stuff.

    Although knowing is completely pointless, I'm curious, nosy... Etc

  • @Namie243 said in How do uploads get verified?:

    A fun idea would be that they actually install and test every mod, but I highly doubt it haha.

    As far as I know, that's exactly what does happen, or at least with script mods anyway. After the malware incident a while back, script mods are closely scrutinised to make sure they are safe.

    I suspect the other mods have their packages checked to make sure the uploads meet the required standards for the site, screenshots checked etc... and there's only one person that does it.

    Pretty impressive given the number of uploads the site gets.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay that's impressive :D You moderators and admins deserve full time pay for such moderation and admin-ing-ish-stuff stuff.

    Call me crazy, but imagining someone like a moderator install the mods etc, and getting completely absorbed into GTA seemed like an amusing idea. I totally don't get absorbed into GTA hides tiny violin, looks at floor

  • @Namie243 The moderators don't get involved in that side of things at all. One man controls the main site and that's rappo. The moderators just monitor the forums...

    Some responsibilities are beyond the scope of us mere moderators and the security and risk control of anything that gets uploaded, is one of those things. I think you have to approach that kind of thing with a level of detachment, so you don't let it cloud your judgement.

    To us it's a mod, to the site owner (rappo) it's a matter of reputation.

  • @LeeC2202 "mere moderators" are important too though....

    I had no idea that's​ the owner :O and yes I think everyone who wants to install a mod for the first time, comes here.

    Thank you and erm...yeah. It's kinda interesting how everything works, and cool.

  • @Namie243 said in How do uploads get verified?:

    "mere moderators" are important too though....

    Indeed but I always look at it like this...

    Without the owner, there is no site...
    Without the users, there is no need for a site...
    Without the moderators... there is a site in total chaos, full of console modding questions and Chinese Spam. :D

    But in all seriousness... never underestimate the importance of the user... they keep things going and provide the reason modders create mods.

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