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An Apology

  • First of all, Unlosing and I would like to apologize to everyone here at GTA5-Mods for the recent controversy regarding our "SpaceV" and "Grand Theft Space", but especially to the developers of the mod. I hope you take my sincerest apology from the bottom of my heart as I am only 16 in high school and I make lots of mistakes growing up. As some of you may know, I released my own version of a space mod called "SpaceV" but it has been taken down. Why? A while back, I was a developer of Grand Theft Space when sollaholla invited me to his team. However, him and I had a few arguments and what not which I don't want to get into and basically we don't contact with each other anymore, so I was cut from the team and we stopped working on mods together. I saw "Grand Theft Space" grow and I really loved the space idea but sadly sollaholla doesn't want to work with me anymore and I respect his choice, so I decided to make my own rendition of it. However I was not thinking clearly, I was lazy and still had the assets from Grand Theft Space installed and I used them without permission from the original team thinking it was from a free model site and it was fair use in my "SpaceV" mod. I did not know that it was made by one of their team members. When "SpaceV" was released, a lot of hate was thrown towards me and the mod with bizarre accusations of me stealing the entire mod, etc. The only things that weren't of my creation were the models, but everything was coded by me. It was a big misunderstanding, and I'm deeply sorry for using Grand Theft Space's models without their consent and I hope I can be forgiven. But at the end of the day, let's remember that this is not our game, but Rockstar Games's, we should work together as a community, by doing this we can achieve greater mods, GTA5-Mods. Thank you for reading this.

  • @jedijosh920 I'm glad that you wrote that respectfully, and I think that what you said was very mature. Of course you're forgiven in my eyes for that, and I'm never (and never will) hold a grudge against you. And you're right as a community we are one of, if not, THE biggest modding community on the internet. Regarding the space mod though: one doesn't just kill a bird and bring it back to life. It will take time to regain that trust (that's assuming you want my trust) and I don't think it would be right for me to allow you to be a part of the GTS after that. Maybe future mods and collaborations.

    But I, and most likely the entire development team, that you for being respectful and honest about the situation.

  • @sollaholla First of all, thank you for accepting the apology. And I totally understand and respect your choice for not letting me back into Grand Theft Space development team after what happened. Yes, I would like to gain your trust back sometime, and work with you in future mods/collaborations, just hit me up on here or Steam/Skype. I hope your Grand Theft Space project goes well, you seem to be working really hard on it and it will pay off! And sorry about the Spiderman mod and our previous arguments, I will let rappo know to re-publish it.


    Glad to see everyone made up like gentlemen, in the end. Looking forward to see great mods from both of you guys. Keep up the good work.

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