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Easy Mod To Create [Misc/Script]

  • Basically I would like a mod to take the already standing Business update and throw it into Single Player with everything working. This involves any vehicles and purchasing the business itself with the offices you can buy and missions you can do to stock up and sell inventory. It should generally be easy, just need to transfer the files over to single player. Please try to get everything in the update working just as it does in MP. Thanks!

    (If this already exists which I doubt, please link me. I would be very grateful!)

  • Don't assume it is an easy job. Its not a case of transferring files. If you have a legitimate copy of the game the files are already there. Its a long matter of unlocking them for use in SP and creating brand new scripts. (I assume)

  • Wow, its not the easy dude. You have to recreate the whole scripts, there is no way to 'throw it in to Single Player with everything working'. This is from a guy with experience.

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