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[Vehicle][Aircraft] Handley Page Victor (British Cold War jet bomber)

  • The British always made fascinating flying machines : the Swordfish (how mean was that thing), the Spitfire, the Lancaster bombers, the Vickers VC10...
    But here's one wich, imo, particularly deserves to be included in GTA V : the Handley Page Victor.
    alt text
    Yeah the B2A didn't invent everything ! :laughing:
    As you can see, this thing is a beast. It was designed for supersonic atomic strategic missions during the Cold War, and it first flew in 1952 (though production began in 1958). It operated in many British-commanded nuclear missions, along with the two other V-bombers in the RAF, the Avro Vulcan and the Vickers Valiant.
    Production didn't last very long though, until 1963, especially because of fatigue cracks discovered in some of the planes due to the low-altitude reconnaisance flights at high speed. It was retired in 1993 after 86 pieces were buit.

    alt text

    The amazing, bad-ass look of the plane is the principal reason that conduced me to write this request. We have the B1 Lancer, the StratoFortess, the B2A... Why not have a beastly British Victor too ? Plus, I'm pretty sure this will make amateurs of Her Majesty's Air Force happy, to say the least :D

    alt text

    Now, i have found a free 3d model, in .max format. You can get it here. It is very detailed, and it's one of the very few that really kept my attention.
    If anyone is wanting to have different liveries and better textures, i would be glad to help, just send me a template. :slight_smile:

    alt text
    alt text

    This is especially for the modders who like this type of military aircraft. The ones who come directly to my mind are @FoxtrotDelta, @SkylineGTRFreak, @Elope, @fantazer_rnd. I'm sorry if i forget anyone here, my mind is pretty full at the moment :P

    If this is not possible for various reasons (due to the model, etc), i understand, and maybe i'll find an other, better one.

    Also, tagging other people just for the sake of tagging. @Kryo4lex, @DarthPungz, @LeeC2202, @V4D3R.

  • @TheSigui nice plane

  • V-planes pack would be a nice addition now, wouldn tit?

  • I know you've got quite a lot to work on @SkylineGTRFreak, but definitely Y E S.

  • I'd probably start with the Vulcan though...

  • @TheSigui I shall do it. but im really busy with other stuff. i need motivation. ! if you buy me a Battlefield 4 game code 7 USD. i'll convert this one ASAP.

    if you can't i'll do it later in time.

  • @FoxtrotDelta i don't know what it is, but if it is under 10 dollars, i can pay.

  • @TheSigui it is 7 us dollars. you are basically gifting me battlefied 4 game code. cheapest store i found was selling it for 7 usd.

  • @FoxtrotDelta you can send me the link in PM then. Also, would it be possible to have a Swordfish with it ? There's a free model available for Fsx.

  • @TheSigui i'll send you the link for Battlefield 4 game place to buy sure. but only after i have given you the beta version of this aircraft for testing.

    right now i am working on humvee model for nathanjames. i'll finish that one in next 5 days . and then work on your handley page victor.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well i don't really like the idea of it being "my" handley page :P i'm just starting ideas and new mods for the community that's all :slight_smile:

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