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GTA5-Mods Telegram bot


    I started coding some random Telegram Bots to learn Python stuff, and I'm looking for new projects to make. So I though making a GTA5-Mods bot that send you notifications when new content is uploaded or a certain user uploads new content might be interesting.

    I'd like to know if @rappo approves the idea and if the community think this might be interesting :smirk:

  • @EnforcerZhukov I really like the idea! :D Maybe do a poll, so you can have immediate feedback on the most wanted features! Personally I'd like to "follow" uploads, new posts etc. regarding a specific user!

  • @EnforcerZhukov I'd need to see the source code and how it works to let you know if I'd approve of it. That said, you can ignore what I want and just do it anyway :P

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